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Joker's Profiles
« on: October 28, 2008, 03:14:33 PM »
This thread will contain the profiles used and mantained by SD3_Joker for use in RP Forums. Profiles will be added and delted as needed.

And just to make sure... My thread was the first one in here. MUAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Table of Contents:
1 ) Dexter Kush - "The Way Things Are"
3 ) Rassi Navorik - "Missing Link"
4 ) Osiris - 'Thin veil of Lies
5 ) Tiberious Razel (Ray-zel) - Fire Fly 'Verse
6 ) Vo'lis Uthari- Wonderland
7 ) Olie Richards
8 ) CW3 Ramond Hile

Profile Code:
Code: [Select]
Alias: [/b]
[b]Race: [/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color/Style:[/b]

[b]Distinguished Characteristics~[/b]

[b]Habits (Good/Bad):[/b]
[b]Sence Of Style:[/b]
[b]Greatest Flaw:[/b]
[b]Best Quality:[/b]
[b]Favorite Saying/Personal Quote:[/b]
[b]Speacial Tallents/Skills:[/b]


[b]Fighting Style:[/b]
[b]Weapon Of Choice:[/b]
[b]Special Abilities:[/b]
[b]Greatest Advantage:[/b]
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Re: Joker's Profiles
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2008, 10:56:54 PM »

Name: Dexter Kush
Alias: "Dex" "Kushy"

Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color/Style: Blond, Worn long and slightly discheveled
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Mercenary
Siblings: None

Distinguished Characteristics~

Dress: Normal for the time frame.
Mannerisms: usualy quite "Full of Himself" most of the time, though he is still quite personable. Still knows that his life depends on his team.
Habits (Good/Bad): Sucks on his teeth whenever concentrating hard on something or thinking hard.
Sence Of Style: Usually a little excentric.
Greatest Flaw: Showboating
Best Quality: Sense of Loyalty
Hobbies: Gambling, Reading, Stratagy games, Music (Generally metal and techno)
Favorite Saying/Personal Quote: "A penny not spent is useless to its owner."
Speacial Tallents/Skills: Dexter is an exceptional Frame pilot. Most people say he would rank in the top 25% of all pilots in the world.
Pets: None.


Fighting Style: Hand to Hand=Mixed Martial Arts with Heavy Jet Kun Do influences. Frame Combat= Medium Class Frames with good punching power.
Weapon Of Choice: Hand Held=Carbine Rifles. Frame Combat=High Caliber Rotary Auto Cannons.
Special Abilities: His gunnery skills.
Weakness: His ability to back down from a fight.
Greatest Advantage: His keen eye for stratagy.
Partner(s): His Teammates.

Cyclops Class Assault Frame

Manufacturer: Verning MFG Co.
Crew: 1
Height: 26 ft
Weight: 63 Tons
Max Speed: 53 mph
Amor Level: Heavy (High)
Weapons: (x1) 55mm APHEMD-RG, (x1) STSG-HYSW-MR Missle Rack (x20 missles), (x1) STSG-MYMW-SR Missle Rack (x6 Missles w/ 2 warheads each)
Equipment: High Resolution Sensor/Radar Suite, Satalite Uplink Transmition Equipment, Long Range Communications Equipment, ECM, Targeting Computer Disruption Device, Life Support, Ejection Seat, Smoke Canister Launcher.
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Re: Joker's Profiles
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2008, 07:27:29 AM »

Arron chivess

Chaotic Neutral
Hair Colour and Style
Spikey blood red hair, slight dichevelled
Eye Colour
Ht. & Wt.
5'10" & 180lbs
Identifying Marks
Cerebral enchancement node imbedded into his forehead.
Arron fell into command of the Shades of Grey... almost literally. He had been a pirate for most of his life, starting off as a child shanghied into service aboard the ship. he spent his entire life aboaurd the ship, working with whatever he was needed for. he has worked as a mechanic, weapons systems crew, fighter mechanic, janitor, cook, helmsmen... everything. He knows the ship inside and out and exactly what it is capable of. through his years of service, everyone on the ship always knew him and always trusted him. Even the captain.

Durring a major clash between teh Shades of Grey and an old time rival, the Last Man Standing, Arrn was working the tactical station on the ship, handling the ships sheilds and weapons in its defense against the quicker cruiser. They were fighting a loosing battle since the hanger had been deadlined due to a critical hit to the power grid. the ship took a massive hit that sent the bridge crew flying. Arron landed in the captain's chair, dazed and looking around, only to se the old captain dead on the bridge floor. Instantly, Arron took command. Capitialising the ships remaining resources and instructing the new cheif engineer how to bypass the damage to the hanger, he quickly got the fighters into the air and within the hour had the Last Man Staning running for the hills.

Ever since then, he has been in command. It has been a few years now, and every day he gets even more compitent with the role.
Special Abilities
Arron is a skilled tactition, able to outwit nearly any other captain in any manuver or situation, even if it takes him a few moves first. After all of his years on the ship he is also a singular master of all of its systems, functions, and tolerances; knowing just what the ship can do, how it can do it, and how long it will take to do it.

The Neural Enhacement Node (NEN) embeded into his forhead gives Arron instantaious access to the ships diagnostics and computer core when necessary. It also drastically improves his hand/eye coordiantion, therefore improving his marksmanship. Arron is skilled with many weapons, but prefers his heavy las pistols for eas of operations and cleaning. But with the NEN, he has millimeter accuracty while quickdrawing and firing from the hip. It is a skill that Arron prides himself on, being able to handle himself against opponents who would normally outclass him.

As much as he would deny it, Arron is also a very charismatic person, labled as the 'Scoundrels' Charm' More often then not, he can talk his way out of a bad situaton. And when he can't do that, he blasts his way out of it.

(x2) Felon Class heavy repteaing las-pistols: These pistols are smaller hand held weapons, but fire with an amazing power, known to cut through an entire building when handled impropperly. The firing power level is adjusted by the strength of grip used to handle the weapons, so many consider it a finess weapon. Unfortuinatly, its high rate of fire and variable power levels mean that it has a short firing time before it must cool down and purge excess energy built up in the capacitors.
Arron is a cool and calm person, but has a very good sense of humor. Everyone tells him that he has a scoundrel's charm, but he always brushes it off.  He is loyal to his crew and will do anything to make sure they make it through safely.
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Re: Joker's Profiles
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Name: Rassi Navorik
Alias: "Rass" "Stalker"

Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style: Black cut fairly shoort and worn straight.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 190lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Mercenary
Siblings: Sister, Mackenzi (location unknown)

Distinguished Characteristics~

Dress: When not on a mission, Rass dresses normally as to not attract too much attention to himself. While on a contract, he weares his usual combat loadout designed for noise discipline and ease of access.
Mannerisms: Always watching and studying his surroundings. Rassi can be paranoid sometimes, but usually has some for of logic as to why. Other then that, Rassi is a genuinly nice person, personable and charismatic.
Habits (Good/Bad): Always overpacks for a mission. He never likes to "Need it and not have it."
Sence Of Style: Outside of a Contract, Rassi tends to be slightly industrial in his style with belts, chains, boots, leather coats, etc...
Greatest Flaw: His desire to work alone
Best Quality: His flexability in a mission.
Hobbies: Music, aquiring new weapons, cleaning his weapons, battle training, gambling, working out.
Favorite Saying/Personal Quote: "Are we done here?"
Speacial Tallents/Skills: Rassi owns two enchanted bracers that give him tatanic strength. Besides these, he is an ordinary, if highly trained and developed, human.
Pets: None


Fighting Style: Rassi is comfortable with both firearms and melee weapons. He even uses a bow when close range discretion is necessary. When not armed (for some reason) Rassi is skilled in mixed martial arts for self defense.
Weapon Of Choice: Rassi has a different preference for every situation.
Special Abilities: His strength, but besides that, he has a keen eye and cat-like reflexes.
Weakness: His lone-ranger mentality.
Greatest Advantage: His adapability.
Partner(s): None


Rassi's primary vehicle is a modified heavy Pelican VTOL transport. It can serve as a temporary living space as well as a mobile command center when needed. The systems of the ship have been highly modified to fit his needs. Quite a bit of the systems hidden throught the ship are illiegal for ownership, let alone use. But these are the systems that keep Rassi out of trouble. Like the sensor profile masking system that feeds sensor suits false information about the cargo onboard the ship as well as the ships designation. The engines have been tweaked out within inches of a catastrophic explosion, but they make the large transport as fast and agile as a fighter craft, which comes in very handy when trying to outrun athority types. The ship is also equiped with a high inteligence AI that can pilot the ship while he his not on board. This gives him the ability to drop himself off at a site and have the Pelican pick him up when needed.

((I know the ships is a complete rip-off of Halo, but I LOVE Pelicans. They are sweet, even if unarmed.))


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Re: Joker's Profiles
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2008, 12:35:01 PM »

Name: Osiris
Alias: N/A

Age: True Age: Unknow. Apparent Age: 20
Race: 75% Infernal Demon, 25% Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color/Style: White
Height: 6' even
Weight: 180lbs
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Occupation: Whatever he wants at the time.
Siblings: None

Distinguished Characteristics~

Dress: Osiris generally wears victorian style clothes with an industrial twist. Most see it as a flamboyant style, but he really likes the way the two styles con compliment each other.
Mannerisms: Around most people, Orsiris is quiet and reserved. There are few people who would ever get him to open up and get a good conversation going.
Habits (Good/Bad): The demon part of him can loose it's temper fairly easily, but his human part does it's best to try and control it.
Sence Of Style: Excentric
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Re: Joker's Profiles
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Name: Tiberious Razel (Ray-zel)
Alias: "Tib" "Raz"

Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style: Blond
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 175lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Medic
Siblings: None, anymore....

Distinguished Characteristics~

Dress: Tiberious usually dressed fairly laid back and non-casual. He looks more 'natural' on back water worlds then anywhere more civilized. but when needing to look the part, he can clean up rather well.
Mannerisms: Generally not one to be too 'mach' about things, but is still fairly 'sure of himself'.
Habits (Good/Bad): Will always do what is necessary to make sure his friends are taken care of. Will put himself in harms way to make sure they are safe.
Sence Of Style: "Backwater"
Greatest Flaw: His selflessness can often get him in trouble (I.E. Wounded)
Best Quality: His selflessness in the care of others.
Hobbies: Books, holovids, alcohol, and "other things".
Favorite Saying/Personal Quote: " Oh, don't piss yourself. It's just a flesh wound."
Speacial Tallents/Skills: Raz is a VERY skilled medic. He is skilled in almost all forms of medicine, including surgery.
Pets: None


Fighting Style: Raz isn't much of a 'face-to-face' fighter, but is capable enough with his hands for self defense. If in a fight, he generally sticks to his guns, since he is a skilled marksman.
Special Abilities: Tib is a capable marksman and is skilled in 'trick shooting'
Weakness: Running out of ammo....
Greatest Advantage: His ability to pit an ace at 100 meters with his pistols.
Partner(s): His shipmates.
Weapon Of Choice:
Modified MAC-10 SMG (.45ACP SMG)
Tib's only weapon capable of firing fully automatic. He generally keeps several spare magazines for the weapon on him durring a mission. The firearm itself is carried in a drop leg thigh holster.

"Buffalo" .454Casull Revolver

Tib's primary accuracy weapon. This heavy caliber revolver is primarily used as a hunting pistol, but Tib found them to be perfect for leveling anyone who might be coming at him at a close range. The pistol is a breech loading to expose the cylinder. Raz generally keeps several speed loaders full of ammo on his belt for the revolver to expidite loading in a firefight.

"Vermillion" .45ACP hold-out pistol

Tib's last-ditch weapon. This small revolver packs an incredible punch for it's size, firing the massive .45 ACP round. Tib keeps this revolver in an ankle holster in his boot as a last ditch weapon in his loadout. Raz carries two speed loaders for the weapon on his belt.

EXTRA: Feild Medic Bag

Worn like a back-pack when closed. Containes everything needed for any feild trauma that one might find on a battlefield. Tib keeps his pack well stocked with up to date equipment and supplies. He takes it with him wheever he goes planetside.
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Re: Joker's Profiles
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Name: Vo'lis Uthari
Alias: "Vo"

Age: 24
Race: Terrayn, of the Mountain Clans.
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color/Style: Black
Height: 6'
Weight: 195lbs
Alignment: Lawful
Occupation: Prince
Siblings: Two yonguer brothers, Lar'kin and Quist

Distinguished Characteristics~

Dress: Vo dresses in tradictional Mountain Clan dress, as seen in the portait of him.
Mannerisms: Vo is a very authoritative figure among the Terrayn. He is generally a very fair person and never lets his anger get the best of him.
Habits (Good/Bad): He has a habit of collecting 'rare' items when he finds them.
Sence Of Style: Vo's style is generally a very grounded. His only excentric desire is when they are rare items for his collections.
Greatest Flaw: His desire to collect items is sometuimes costly and can get him into trouble. Becuase the colelctables are from every race on Ellianat, Zamballi or otherwise.
Best Quality: His compasion and morality.
Hobbies: His collections.
Favorite Saying/Personal Quote: "...."
Speacial Tallents/Skills: Vo'lis is skilled in the arts of Earth, Stone, and Metal manipulation.
Pets: Several birds and a large riding horse.


Fighting Style: Traditional Terrayn Mountain styles.
Weapon Of Choice: Usually none, but he carries a large double blades sword whenever there is a threat of danger.
Special Abilities: Vo'lis is skilled in the arts of Earth, Stone, and Metal manipulation.
Weakness: His compassion
Greatest Advantage: His compassion
Partner(s): None.
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Re: Joker's Profiles
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Name: Olie Richards
Black Nine
Age: 32
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Glacial Blue
Hair Color/Style: Golden Blond
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: British SAS
Siblings: One Sister (Olivia) and two brothers (Gerald and Clive)


Bio: Olie was born in Manchester, England and grew up like any other English kid would. He was nothing special durring his youth. He scored average throughout his years of schooling. He palyed soccer as a kid, but was never the best palyer on the team. But he was never the worst either. Thats the stroy of his youth. He was never the best, but he was never the worst either. Just somewhere in the middle. He had two older siblings, Olivia and Gerald, and Clive came afer he did, so he was stuck in the middle there as well. His family always had money, at least enough to make ends meet and get the kids whatever they needed. Olie was never without food or clothing or a place to sleep. he never really had as much of the cool things as his friends did, but he was never against going to their houses and using theirs whenever they let him.

As he got older, Olie started developing more and as he hit puberty, he really took off. It was like his body finally focused itself. His grades improved, his athletic skills improved vastly, and Olie just rose from his mediocrity to an incredibly adept young man. Olie's muscles seemd to develop even when he wasn't even trying and ever since he has always been and incredibly fit individual. That fact in itself seemed to help him quite a bit with woman and he was never without a date when he wanted it. After his 'big break' as he liked to call it, he never really had any troubles with anything. He had finally became what he had always wanted to be.

But as he developed, so did his yern for adventure. He wanted to go out and do things, see places, accomplish things. He wanted to leave an impact on the world. he wanted a challange. So he joined the British army. Initial training for the army was just what he wanted. It challenged him, but not tothe point that he wanted. There were parts of it that were tough, but it was never the challenge he was looking for. He ranked int he top 5 of his class and was selected by his trainers to go to Special Forces school for the newly formed SRR (Special Reconnaisance Regiment). It wasn't until Olie entered training for this section that he found what he was ooking for. The training for SRR stretched him to his limits and beyond, breaking him down and forming him back up stronger and better then he was already. There were times through the training that he even struggled, but so did everyone else in his training section. They learned to work together, emphasising everyones strengths and working on their weaknesses. they formed a perfectly simbiotic relationship with eachother through the training, weeding out the weak and leaving only the best of the training section to form their SRR team.

After they were released from training, the team was immediatly sent out on manuvers, being sent on classified missions to unknown locations. Everything they have done to this point is still highly classified, known only to those in the UKSF who have direct control over the team. There are few times that Olie gets vacation or rest from his trade in the military. And even then, it's never really vacation as most would see it...

Distinguished Characteristics~

Dress: Most of his clothing is mission dictated based on the theater of operations and the time base for the mission. When not on a mission he dresses in regualr civilian clothes, looking like any other person would. he is never too trendy or fadish, but is never slummy either. He likes high priced clothingm, but nothing over the top. When away from home, he is always seen wearing cargo pants of some sort for some reason or another.....
Mannerisms: Olie is generally a 'cool, calm, and collected' individual. Whenever he can, he will take his time to calculate through a situation. But if thats not possible, he wings it, taking the puzzle apart peice by peice based on whatever comes at him first. He rarely ever looses his temper, but when he does, things get ugly.
Habits (Good/Bad): Olie can seem very arrogant at times without evne trying to, and if he is trying to, he can come across as pure unadulterated 'snobish'. He atributes it to his brithish accent. Apparently everyone always thinks he sounds too 'serious'.
Sence Of Style: Olie doesn't have any set styles. He likes to make sure he has nice clothing, but never anything that fits into a strict style. What he wears could be classified as an 'urban casual' wear.
Greatest Flaw: His stubornness. there have been too many times when it has almost gotten him killed due to the fact of not wanting to give up on a mission that had gone wrong. Not wanting to withdrawl from a bad situation. The term 'Just a few more seconds' comes out of his mouth a little too often.
Best Quality: His stubornness. There have been many more times when the same quality has paid off becuase those 'few more seconds' got done what needed to be done.
Hobbies: There are many things that Olie does in his spare time. But the thing he loves most is wood carving, actually. Olie is quite  skilled at it. You'll often find him widdling on some small block of wood, working to carve it into some random something while he is waiting or relaxing. Other then that, he loves Black Jack, the card game.
Favorite Saying/Personal Quote: "Mission Complete."
Speacial Tallents/Skills: Olie is quite capable with fireamrs and practices with them constantly so that he never looses his edge with them, but his natural, god-given talent is with knives. He prayes that he never has to use them but when he does, there is no one who can compare with his knife-fighting skills.
Pets: None.


Fighting Style:When not using firearms, Olie uses, primarily, Eskrima style for his knife and 'stick' fighting. He is also quite skilled with throwing knives as well, able to keep accuracy at long distances.
Weapon Of Choice: For rifles, Olie uses a Colt M4 Sopmod modified to fit the new 6.8mm round (As described later). For pistols he uses primarily Glock models, and usually has two of them on him whenever possible and one on him at ALL times. For knives, Olie keeps a mixture of different knives littered across his body. Never that many, but enough to give him options whenever he finds himself without his pistols for some reason.
Special Abilities: All of his combat abilities are considered special abilites considering the extents to which they have been honed.
Weakness: Olie can be, somewhat, reliant on firearms at times.
Greatest Advantage: His adaptive abilities.
Partner(s): His SAS Team, when he is with them.

Rifle: Olie uses a Colt M4 Sopmod that chambers the new 6.8mm round. This round gives the rifle the stopping power of a 7.62mm round but keeps the accuracy of the traditional 5.56mm round. It is the best of both worlds that a Special Air Service soldier could ask for. This weapon is only use on main missions, but is taken everywhere Olie goes. It is usually stored in the back of whatever vehicle Olie is driving at the time, stored away for if he should need it in a pinch.

Pistols: Olie uses Glock pistols, a G21 and a G30 compact frame. Each weapon chambers the .45ACP round and are capable of receiving silencers. The G21 has a laser sight attached under the barrel for instant traget aquisition. The G30 is kept in an ankle holster as a 'hold-out' pistol whenever he needs it. He also favors these weapons because the frames are made of materials that do not show in a metal detector. Olie has spent several thousand dollars getting internal components made with a special alloy made of ceramics, MuMetal, and carbon fiber. This renders the entire weapon indetectable to all metal detcors not set to their highest frequency. And such metal detectors would pick up the fillings in a person's teeth. Everything metal about these weapons, from the magazines, to the tragger assemlies, to the silencers are made from this alloy. It was an INCREDIBLY expenssive process, but it gives Olie the ability to hand carry firearms through a metal detector without tripping the alarms. Olie uses a special brand of ammunition in the weapons as well. It is a common round to find in military practices, but is a specialized ammo. The slug itself is made out of kevlar fibers and the casing is made out of a high tensile strenght plastic. So with this combination, though prohibitivly expensive, allows Olie greater freedome of movement while on cover missions through public places.

Knives: Olie carries quite a few blades on him at any one time. His main knives are two custom made Kit Rea throwing knives. These blades have been made of the same alloy as his weapons metal parts to allow passage through metal detectors. They are hidden inside hidden pockets inside of the main front pockets of Olies cargo pants. They take a second to draw, but they are vicious weapons that he can handle incredibly well. They are also balanced for throwing when needed.

He also carries a set of three throwing knives inside special sleeves on the inside of the thigh pockets of his cargo pants. These blades are standard knives, made of high carbon steel, weighted perfectly for throwing long distances. They are perfect 'throw away' weapons and do not need to be retreived after having been thrown.


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Re: Joker's Profiles
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Name: Koning Diallo
Alias: Kon', King

Age: Equivalent of 29 years old
Race: Leothrope
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color/Style: Black
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 285lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Hired muscle, bouncer, anything that pays.
Siblings: One brother, but he doesn't talk about him that much....
Family: Koning has a lone, nine-year-old daughter, Per
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Re: Joker's Profiles
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Name: Cheif Warrent Officer 3 Ramond Hile
Alias: Sphynx

Age: 30
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color/Style: Brown Hair, cut short and generally spiked
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 160lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Special Forces Rotarywing Aircraft Pilot
Siblings: Total:2 / Living: Unknown

Distinguished Characteristics~

Dress: Lately, Hile has only been dressed in his full combat loadout. He hasn't had the luxury of being able to put on civilian clothing for a little while now. His standard loadout includes shitloads of ammo, several weapons, hydration systems, his ruck sack full of supplies, and anything else that will help ensure survivability.
Mannerisms: Even these days, Sphynx is a pretty outgoing and bolsterous man. It can, generally, be hard to shut him up.
Habits (Good/Bad): Good: Running from hordes or any other creature he finds outclassed by. Bad: Finding said creature once again once the tables are turned and kicking it's everloving ass.
Sence Of Style: Militaristic / survivalist
Greatest Flaw: His determination to come back and take care of anything that trumps him. He always has to find a way to overcome anything that stops him, one way or another. Even if it involves pumpinb a few rockets into it before walking away.
Best Quality: His sense of self preservation.
Hobbies: Not dieing...
Favorite Saying/Personal Quote: "Annunciate your decaying peices of shit!!!!!"
Speacial Tallents/Skills: His skills at piloting his AH-6J Little Bird attack Helo
Pets: "Tiamat" AH-60L Battle Hawk Helicopter. The helo is a fast attack varient of the MH-6 Little Bird Transport Helicopter. The AH-6J varient features an improved engine, 5-blade rotor, improved avionics, and expanded fuel capacity. This vehicle is not the best armored aircraft, but it's speed and agility makes up for the lack of armor.


Fighting Style: Guns, knives, fists, explosives, guns...etc...
Weapon Of Choice: His Saiga-12K Tromix custom tactical shotgun, and his KRISS Super V
Special Abilities: Being able to perform aerial feats in the beast he pilots that would make a normal pilots head spin.
Weakness: His 'relative' inexperience with ground combat. He's still pretty good, but not as good as in the air.
Greatest Advantage: Having a fucking attack helicopter
Partner(s): CW2 Alex "Windy" Neville

Character Notes: Sphynx and his Co-Pilot 'Windy' have long given up on wearing traditional garb of pilots. Considering the fact that the act as flight crew AND ground crew, they found that they needed to adapt to be able to propperly facilitate operating on ground and in the air. Spyhnx always keeps the KRISS strapped into a large drop leg holster on his right leg, but the shotty and M-4 are kept in a weapons rack behind the pilot and co-pilot seats, still within reach of the seat when turning reaching over one's shoulders. Spyhnx prefers night time operations whenever possible, preferring to fall back against the backdrop of a pitch black sky to help keep enemies from targeting the helo easier. The IR jammers keep most other forms of visual confirmation nullified.


Russian made Saiga-12K Tromix custom semi-auto 12 guage shotgun with 10 round detachable box mags (X6)

Colt M4 5.56mm Assault Rifle Carbine W/ XM-26 Under-barrel, Pump-Action 12 gauge shotgun with 5 round detachable box mags. (M4: x6 30rnd mags /XM-26: x3 mags)

KRISS Super V .45cal SMG with 28 round mags (x 8mags)
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Re: Joker's Profiles
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Name: CW2 Alex Neville
Alias: Windy

Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style: Blond
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Special Forces Rotorwing Aircraft Pilot
Siblings: None

Distinguished Characteristics~

Dress: Full Battle 'Dress for Success'
Mannerisms: Windy is a lot like Sphynx, he can be hard to shut up at times, but is generally good mannered.
Habits (Good/Bad): Good: Talking sense into Sphnyx when needed. Bad: Being lured into Sphynx's ideas somewhat easily.
Sence Of Style: Militaristic / Survivalist
Greatest Flaw: His inability to operate on his own anymore. After the breakdown of humanity, Windy has become slightly dependant on having Sphynx around.
Best Quality: His ability to propperly assess a situation and semi-accuratly predict what is going to happen.
Hobbies: Not dieing...
Favorite Saying/Personal Quote: "Sphynx? Are you sure you want to do that?"
Speacial Tallents/Skills: AH-60L Mechanic
Pets: 'Tiamat' AH-60L Battle Hawk attack helicopter.


Fighting Style: "Controlled Pairs' Windy is an expert at percise, controlled placement of rounds, even in overwhelming situations.
Weapon Of Choice: G36C
Special Abilities: Demolitions Expert
Weakness: His dependency on Sphnyx.
Greatest Advantage: His ability to be able to think ahead of his opponent.
Partner(s): CW3 Hile


H&K G36C with (x1) 100rnd Beta Mag, (x4) 30rnd mags.

Benelli M-4 Semi-automatic shotgun. 7 rounds in the tube and 1 in the breach. (32 rounds carried)

Silenced M1911 .45cal pistol with (x10 mags)


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Re: Joker's Profiles
« Reply #11 on: April 22, 2009, 09:20:14 PM »
AH-60L Battle Hawk Attack Helicopter "Tiamat"

Tiamat was named after the twin headed dragon god, who is the arch enemy of Bahumat, the god of the Dragons. Of course this name sake is based off of the mythology of the game Dungeons and Dragons, and not any 'established' mythos. The aircraft was named by CW3 Hile, Aka Sphynx, Becuase each wing of the aircraft spit fire like that of a twin headed dragon. So used the only reference to a Two headed Dragon that he knew of.

The aircraft, since the fall of mankind, has been modified from it's original layout, to better accomidate the men flying it. Especially ater having lost the other two members of their flight crew. That leaves Windy to man the door guns when needed and Sphynx flying by his onsie and manning the forward mounted weapons.

The aircraft's primary weapons are a pair of forward mounted 2.75inch rocket pods with 19 rockets each along with two GAU-19A .50 'miniguns' (26K rounds each). The weapons are displayed in the following links:

Supplimenting these weapons are two door mounted GAU-19A mini-guns as well. The side mounted M60s were removed becuase they were useless at this point. The GAU mounts were moved so that the gunner seats were placed back to back instead of catty-corner as in the second image link. This allowed for easier changing of positions for Windy if needed. The mounts were also elevated as well, this allows the weapons systems elevation as well as declination, allowing for more complete coverage over the rear and sides of the aircraft. More seats have also been added into the aircraft to accomidate up to 6 passengers, albeit in a very cramped manner.

Ammo for these weapons systems is stored in electronic 'feed assiting' ammo crates for the GAU-19As since they are designed for a linkless feed system. the forward mounted mini-guns carry 4,000 for each cannon, enough for two full minutes of sustained fire. The door guns carry 2000 rounds, enough for one minute of sustained fire. The rockets are self contained inside the pods mounted on the wings.

The aircraft is fitted with a specialized terrain following radar system mounted in the forward dome. Underslung under the muzzle is a Toplite II Targeting Sensor/Electro Optical System has FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared), day time TV and a Laser Designator and Rangefinder for search and weapon designation. The LITE system is a 4-axis, multisensor stabilised EO surveillance and targeting system, incorporating a Second Generation 240
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