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Amature Nights
« on: August 22, 2008, 12:06:15 AM »
There will be many stories linked into this. My sister and i decided that we would enjoy peoples feed back on the short stories that we write. Each night, ok, maybe not every night, but once in a while we will pick a topic, anything from aliens to ghost to whatever and write about the same thing. We will then post what we have here, in this. They all will be stricly short stories. Some are just a few paragraph long, some or several. But we just wanted feed back on our writing, and we hope to entertain the few that would read it.

Of coarse anyone is welcome to join us in our exploration of short story telling. If you would like to join, just let us know and we'll either post the topic here, or in General Chat or we can add you to our msn's. :-)????" /> Enjoy!


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Re: Amature Nights
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2008, 12:07:45 AM »
 [center:sqjwrkoz]Alien Comes To Earth[/center:sqjwrkoz]

The alien sat in his captain’s chair looking at the star maps. What he saw where many planets he had been to so many times before. He was bored, and he didn’t know what to do now. He could just sit here and look at the maps, or he could go find some sort of game to play with his family at home, but that was all the same thing. He wanted something different, something exciting. As he was sitting there staring at his maps a little light came on in his head. “That’s it!” He hollered out loud.

The little alien set his course to what he hoped be something fun and exciting. Letting the ship take him along he decided that he would go back to his quarters and get something to eat. He was hungry after all, and it was light years from where he had to go. The little alien took off towards his quarters and snagged some berries on the way there. He wasn’t much of a meat eater like his fellow aliens; he preferred the sweet taste of berries and fruits. His mother was always telling him that he should be more like his brothers and sister, but he refused. Since that day the little alien had always been set aside as an out cast in his world. Sitting down at his little table the alien set the berries in front of him. They were no ordinary berries; these berries would fill him until the day that he woke from the long travel. They resembled what they call on earth, grapes, but that was the only resemblance to them. The berries that he ate were sweet like sugar, yet bitter like lemons. He had always enjoyed those berries but they were only used for when the aliens traveled far distances.

Finally he finished his berries and crawled into his bed. He was ready for the long journey and would sleep peacefully. As the little alien fell asleep he dreamt of adventure, fun and exciting new things. What would this planet hold for him when he got there? Would there be other aliens on it or would it be just a rock in the universe. As he thought so many things he drifted to sleep.

Waking to the sound of the alarms the little alien rushed out to his cockpit. He was merely thousands of miles away from the new planet and he had to be careful as to what he did so he wouldn’t crash. That was the last thing the little alien wanted was to be stuck on a strange planet that had nothing in or on it. Sitting down in his captain’s chair the little alien took off the auto-pilot and took the controls. Within minutes the little aliens’ ship was descending into the atmosphere. The aliens space ship took on a bunch of heat, but he was not concerned, he had entered a many atmosphere and new that his ship would stay together.

Coming through layers and layers of different gasses the alien could see the many wonders starting to take shape. He saw all sorts of things, green grass, blue waters, things that moved around, but yet were to tiny to see what they were from where he was in the sky. The closer he got to the ground the clearer things came in. He could finally make out all the cars on the high ways; he could make out the farm animals on the many farms. He saw fields upon fields of things growing. The little alien gasped in disbelief, the planet that he chose to explore was full of life, and he was getting more and more excited about his little exploration.
Bringing the ship to a landing in a field some place just south of Kalkaska Michigan the little alien was excited about exploring this new world. When the ship finally rested on its legs the little alien walked to the door and opened it. Stepping out onto the ground the alien couldn’t help but breath in a big breath of air. He was pleasantly surprised that the air was not foul at all, but a wonderful smell. The smell of grass, the smell of many things flooded his nostrils and he wondered what all these new things were.

Walking slowly away from the ship he could see nothing but really tall stuff growing around him. He wondered what it was; it was not something that he had seen before. He poked at it to see if it would do anything to him, but it didn’t, the only thing it did was move slightly away from him with the movement of his hand and then slowly came back to the position it was in. This was very odd to him and he was amazed with it. The little alien kept doing it over and over and over again. He was having fun! This stuff was amazing; he had to find out what it was. Soon though he became bored with it and moved onto something else. Walking along the paths that seemed to flow through this field the little alien came across a fence. Looking just over the fence he saw some creatures. They were odd looking to him; they were really tall, taller than what he was. The little alien was slightly afraid of them; he had never seen such a creature and was very cautious to approach them.

When the little alien approached the creature the creature looked down at him and said “MOOOO!”  The alien was surprised that the creature had spoken, but what did he say? What did it want?

“Hello Creature, I mean you no harm,” the little alien told the creature.

“Mooooo!” the creature responded.

“Most defiantly strange, I do not understand you, what are you saying?” the alien looked at the creature trying to figure it out.

“Mooo!” The creature told the alien again and then walked away.

“How rude,” the alien stated out loud. The creature that he was looking at was very strange, it spoke, but yet it only ever said one thing that much the alien could tell. The strangest thing about this creature was it was brown and it was white. It was a brown covered creature with white spots. The alien had never seen anything like it before in his life!  Deciding that the creature was not worth his time the alien set out to find something else.

Walking through a field of strange brown and white creatures the alien came upon another fence, he crossed this one also. Finding himself standing next to a smaller creature. “How odd,” he looked at the creature that stood in front of him. What he saw was something that stood about a food high and about thirty inches round. It stood on two legs and had plenty of colors to it. The alien could see browns, and whites, and some reds, it was a very pretty creature the alien had though to himself.
“Hello there,” he approached the creature with caution.

“Cluck,” the creature looked at him and said.

“What are you?” the alien asked the creature.

“Cluck,” the creature said and ran off clucking all the way. While the alien stood there and watched the creature run off he saw about twelve more running beside it.

“This is a very strange world indeed,” he mentioned to himself. The alien decided that he would continue. The two creatures that he had seen had not been very friendly or very talkative. The little alien wanted to find something or someone or whatever it is he might find that would help him understand more about this world.

Walking along the yards of grass the alien saw in the distance a house. He decided to check out what this foundation was. He had never seen something so tall and so intriguing. As the alien walked towards the house he saw all sorts of things. Creatures there were almost pinkish in color; creatures there were fully brown with long floppy ears; creatures that were smaller than the last creature and spotted with many colors on them. All these new and fascinating creatures around him and he had no idea where he was.

Coming upon the house he saw a lot of windows, doors, a porch, and all sorts of things. Many things that were way different than what was on his planet.

“AHHHHHH!!!” Is what the alien heard as he came closer to the house. He turned around to see what was behind him. There was nothing there but the creatures that he had been so curious about.

“What are you?” Came a voice.

“What, who are you talking to Chris,” came another voice. The little alien stood there and watched as the creature in front of him stood and began to wave their hands at him.

“THAT!” Chris hollered back at the other voice and pointing to the alien.

The alien could hear a loud sound as the other voice came out to the one it called chris, “Well by all means,” Came the second voice.

“What is it?” Chris asked the second voice.

“Well if I had to guess Chris, I would say that is probably an alien. Just look at him, isn’t he kind of cute,” the second voice told Chris.

Chris stood there staring at the little alien and the little alien just blinked. He wasn’t sure what to do. He had never come a crossed someone before. It’s always been docile planets he came across. Most of which were either filled with rock or water.

“Well I suppose he is a little cute Adam,” Chris stated.

The little alien decided that it was time that he spoke. The one good thing about him was he was a quick learner and started to pick up their language. “Hello,” he said.

“Wow looky here, he’s already learning how we speak,” Adam laughed slightly, “Well hello little fellow, welcome to earth.” Adam smiled down at the little alien.

“Thank you, I am known as three-nine-four, I have come to this planet to explore,” 394 told Adam with a smile.

“Well I am Adam, and this is my wife Chris. We both welcome you to the planet earth and would love to show you around.” Adam told 394 smiling back at him, “And if you don’t mind, around here we do not use numbers as names, I would like to call you,” Adam scratched his head a moment, “how about we call you Star, since you came from the stars above.”

394 smiled at Adam and told him, “I am ok with that. But I do have a few questions for you. First off what are all these creatures around me?” Star (aka 394) asked Adam with the curiosity of a child.

“Well let’s see, I think I can help you with those. Let’s take a walk.” Adam gestured for the alien to join them. As they walked Adam told him of every creature. There was a cat named Scooby, there was a dog named Jones, there were cows, chickens, horses, all sorts of different types of farm animals. Adam did the best that he could to explain to Star about all the creatures and plants on planet Earth.

Star was pleasantly surprised how the creatures on this land had welcomed here. He was almost afraid that they would be scared of him and try to harm him. He was happy where he was and decided that he would stay here for a while and explore as much as he could.

[center:sqjwrkoz]The End[/center:sqjwrkoz]
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Re: Amature Nights
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2008, 12:11:23 AM »
(Should state though for this one we put a time limit on it so it was rushed. I had admitly got more time for mine though cause right after we started I recieved a phone call lol. I had fun with this)
 Yelisha sat on the bench in the park; her long legs spread out in front of her one arm up over her face the other resting on her belly. She let the sun warm her body in mid afternoon as she sorta zoned out. She wasn’t sure how long she was relaxing like that before she noticed the shadow that stood over her. Moving her hand she looked up what was creating a shadow then shifted up so her feet were under her more. First she had blinked several times sure that what was before was really there, then finally she accepted and look at the thing with her mouth gapped open.
 Before her stood something that stood near seven feet tall, the gray skin was taunt over what seemed like ridged bone structure but even as she watched it seemed to waver beneath the skin. Only places she notice that didn’t waver was around the four hole’s where the eye’s where located, there color’s ranged from a brilliant blue to a rather pussy yellow. Yelisha knew she wasn’t looking at something from this earth, but still her brain fought the thought that she was truly seeing a alien. Truly the time in the sun had her seeing things, she was sure of it until again before her unblinking eyes a mouth appeared in its face between the eye’s and a sound emitted.
 A tingle vibrated through her body at first at the sound that first took a high pitched tone then slowly began to turn into the words that she could understand. At the start of the tingle Yelisha was in no longer denial and she had started to rise only to be stopped by a outstretch arm that reached out for her with long tendril fingers nearly touching her. She wondered how she had not noticed the rest of the body before now. Unlike the face the skin seemed to vary in colors with what ever that moved beneath the skin almost as if something beneath it rotated and every rotation brought another color to the surface. Yelisha ducked away from the arms and ended sitting back on the bench, finally hearing the words it was speaking.

 “Do not fear me strange one,” it said as all four of it eyes blinked at the same time. He was sent ahead to scout for his kind, to find what information he could if this place would be useful to his brethren. What he seen before him though was nothing he had seen before; at first he had no idea that it was alive. He wondered if it was like the others things he had encountered, tree’s, plants; he wondered if his was another subspecies of that. Then it had moved, first slowly then more abruptly, and he seen that the thing had some similar make up his kind. It had taken only a moment of searching through the body to find a reference of the things language and with that he had begun his first communication.  “I will no hurt you, if you will not hurt me. I’ve come to see much.”

Yelisha shook her head slowly as it spoke her eye’s darting from the constantly moving body to the head that spoke to her. Her first words were spoken in a squeak and she repeated them slowly in more coherent words. “You are a Alien, A alien, some real x-file stuff right here before me.” She said her mouth dropping in gapping o once more. She looked around the park surely there had to be more people here, she could be the only one who seen this thing. “Where is your.. your ship? Where are the people what did you do to them.” She said feeling her hear begin to pound within her ears and she felt the panic begin to rise with in her. Her brown eye grew larger as the panic finally began to take over.

“I’ve done nothing to hurt them, though I don’t know what exactly people are. I’ve not hurt anything since I have arrived, my mission is to scout.” He said and again reaching forward but stopped when he seen her face grow more panicked and he could hear the thunder from her. Stepping back as the thunder seemed to grow louder within his being. It was then he began to become aware of the other sounds around him. From the things that was at his feet to the tree’s that toward above him. They all had sounds; they all were intensifying within his being; the sounds rattling his innards so roughly that it threatening to shatter them from inside out. He could no longer be here this place was a threat to him and his kind, these sounds was be there demise if they were to come here. With out no more words he backed off from her, from the trees to where his transport was, the beam that would take him to safety.

 With large strides that managed to shake the earth as he moved Yelisha watched him move away from her. Her body vibrating with each step he took till he was no more. One moment a multicolor  moving thing and the next moment where it was nothing. For a long time Yelisha sat where she was staring at the space that it had disappear then, once she was sure it wasn’t going to return she stood up and sprinted from the park. She had met a alien, she hadn’t found out what it wanted but she was grateful she didn’t.
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