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I don't have enough pockets for all these characters
« on: June 24, 2014, 05:14:04 PM »
Just listing for now.





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Re: I don't have enough pockets for all these characters
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2014, 12:48:53 PM »
     General Characteristics

Name: Alexander Alistratov
Appearance: Alexander is fairly tall and skinny, and appears rather frail. He has light blond, slightly wavy hair that reaches just below his jawline. His eyes are a dark gray. His features are fairly sharp and slight. He is well kempt a good portion of the time, especially if he is in public.
Other Names: Alexander greatly dislikes nicknames in general.
Titles: He'd have been a duke, had he not disappeared from his family's estate.

     Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: January third. He's usually played while in his early thirties.
Birth Place: He was born on his family estate.
Hometown: Alexander doesn't really have a hometown, considering the most he knew about the land around the estate was what he had read and the little information he could glean from the very few times he was allowed out.

Primary Objective: His main goal is to become more knowledgeable, and thus, more powerful.
Secondary Objectives: Despite his cold demeanor,  he really does care for others and wants to help how he can when he sees people in trouble.

Desires: He'd always admit to desiring more power, but he really desires the company of others. It's not like him to admit to it, however, because he sees it as chasing something that can never be.
Secrets: His magic is kept fairly secret, along with his desire to have true friends.
Quirks: While patient, he's also a very particular person and he seemingly nitpicks a lot about the little things.

     Mental Characteristics

Known Languages: He has a conversational knowledge of several fairly common languages, and can also read them. (For example, the character he was adapted from speaks English, Swedish, and Russian as his native language. I'm not sure what it could translate to though.)
Lures: He is most drawn in by the promise of knowledge and future security and safety.
Savvies: He's an avid researcher and finds that to be one of his strongest points.
Ineptities: Alexander has a hard time understanding people and communication in general. It's not so much an issue with words, but with communicating emotions.
Temperament: He is very choleric, but not nearly as aggressive as the temperament implies.
Hobbies: Alexander adores reading to the point where he would likely spend the entire day reading were it not for his responsibilities.

     Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: He is almost a completely logical thinker and prefers his ideas and thoughts cut and dried.
Spatial: He can picture things in his mind as they are described to him, but he is not a particularly imaginative person.
Linguistic: Alexander is very well spoken, though he's much better at communicating ideas and things as opposed to emotions and personal feelings.
Bodily-Kinesthetic: He is always very straight forward and direct with his body language. He's very bad at  subtle body language.
Musical: He is appreciative of music, but isn't musically creative himself.
Interpersonal: Alexander is diplomatic and knows how to talk to people, but is bad at forming personal bonds with them.
Intrapersonal: He feels like he knows himself better than he really does, but is really just extremely self depreciating.
Naturalistic: He's not extremely well versed, but he can figure things out and is willing to learn.
Existential: He's bad at figuring out things he can't physically observe and that defy logic.

     Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Alexander doesn't consider morals on a personal level, really. He mainly operates based on what is best for a greater good.
Perception: He is definitely a pessimist, but can fake optimism to try and raise others' spirits.

     Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Though Alexander does not believe in any religion personally, he will never criticize others for their beliefs and will stand up for anyone who is having theirs challenged.
Virtues: Charity, Temperance, Diligence, Patience
Vices: Lust, Pride, Despair

     Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: He is well versed in blood magic, though he keeps it secret unless he feels he can trust the person, for one reason or another, or can cast it without raising suspicion.
Strengths: Alexander's spells are usually a great deal stronger than others of his level.
Weaknesses: His spells, while powerful, take a good deal out of him personally and can render him fairly helpless after a time. He occasionally brings a servant to alleviate the strain on himself, but it is sometimes not enough to keep him from being significantly weakened.
Restrictions: He gets extremely weak if he uses his powers too much, too soon, and needs time in between to recuperate. If there is no access to blood, be it from himself or any others, he cannot perform any spells. Alexander refuses to use blood from an unwilling source.

     Likes and Dislikes

Likes: He's fond of cats almost as much as he is of reading. He also enjoys colder weather and the company of others.
Dislikes: Alexander is terrified of dogs, especially the larger breeds. He is also fearful of forced isolation. He dislikes those who press his patience, especially if it's just to test him.


Equipment: He makes sure he has a few spare vials of blood in his pack, along with a few tomes for reading. He also carries basic healing supplies (Medicinal. He's not a healer.) and food stores for a few days.
Wardrobe: He prefers looser, lightly woven fabrics, if it can be helped. He'd rather be wearing the traditional leather and furs he grew up wearing, but overheats far too easily to wear them in anything but bitter cold.

     Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: In reality, it doesn't take much, but it will be a long time before he shows it. Once he has a breakdown, he's already hit his lowest point and it can take a while for him to build his self confidence up again.
Humor: Alexander appreciates witty remarks and sarcasm.
Reputation: He likes to make sure his image is as good as it can get and hopes that he is well respected because of it. Most avoid him because of his distant coldness, however.

     School and Work

Education: He is fairly well learned and doesn't have any problem letting people know it. He worked hard for his education and is quite proud of it.
Study Habits: He usually spends what free time he has by himself studying.
Learning Type: Alexander is an extremely visual learner, but he can absorb a good deal audibly, as well.

     Interpersonal Connections

Immediate Family: His father, Daniel, and his mother Anya. He had an older brother, but he died when they were both still young.
Close Relatives: His father's older brother is the only person outside of his immediate family he ever saw on a semi regular basis. Even then, he wouldn't consider them close.
Distant Relatives: The only people in his family that he is even vaguely familiar with are on his father's side. He doesn't know many names and has only met them a few times.

Allies: He doesn't consider people his allies outright, even if they fight for the same things. Eventually, he will become more loyal to those he has fought alongside for a while that show they are willing to set aside themselves and fight for a greater cause.
Enemies: He simply wants to rid what parts of the world that he can reach of cruelty. Anyone that would stand in his way without solid logic to back them up would be considered an enemy.

     Physical Characteristics

Height: 6ft 6in ( 198cm)
Weight: 150 lbs ( 68kg)
Nationality/Species: He's a northern nationality
Skin Color: Fairly pale
Hair Color: Light blond
Hair Length: Just below his jaw line.
Eye Color: Gray
Scars: He has a few scars on his back from his father and one underneath his chin.

     Health and Fitness

Handicaps: He's not physically strong at all and has next to no muscle. Can be prone to sickness when in an exhausted state.

     Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Significant Other: Lily


Anima: He's fairly easy going and can be silly from time to time.
Persona: He hides behind a built up version of his coldness, simply because others expect so little out of him anyhow. He has a hard time trusting people and letting down his barriers, so he might stay cold for a long while. He is not, however, ungrateful or thankless.


Infancy: Both of his parents adored him, as did his brother. Other than his inability to empathize well, he was a rather highly developed child.

Childhood: His brother died when Alexander was six. His father indirectly put the blame on Alexander and began changing into someone extremely demanding and abusive because of his sudden loss.

Adolescence: Alexander started keeping to himself as much as he could and stayed far out of his father's way. He developed a lot of anxiety and was very often in depressive slumps. It was during this time that he tried to commit suicide multiple times. He would often hide away in the library and immerse himself in the books and stories there, especially when he knew his father was looking for him.

Adulthood: As soon as a good opportunity arose, Alexander ran away from the estate, abandoning everything he had been learning his entire life. The idea was terrifying and the lack of security scared him, but he had decided if he was going to live in constant fear, it at least wouldn't be because of his father. He now spends his days roaming around in search of people to assist, moving from city to city constantly to keep from being found by his father's men. He has a woman named Lily that he met and became fond of that accompanies him wherever he goes. They have a son together, named Damon.


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