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Nautical Terms
« on: August 02, 2008, 03:26:15 AM »
Aback – Backing a sail is turning it so that the wind hits the front face; the effect is to slow a ship or boat. A sail which is being backed is said to be ‘aback.’ A sailing ship which accidentally goes aback when tacking loses its momentum and is s aid to be ‘in irons.’. A person is said to be ‘all aback’ when he is confused or surprised.

Adrift – Not secured; scattered about; not properly stowed.

Advance and Transfer – Two separate terms involving a ship’s turn. Advance is the forward progress made between the time that the rudder is put over and the time the ship is steady on her new course. Transfer is the horizontal displacement of the ship during the same period of time. Advance is maximized in a 90-degree turn; transfer is maximized in a 180-degree turn.

Anchor-faced - Anyone who is enthusiastic about the Navy.

Anchor clanker - (1) Boatswain's Mate. (2) Ordinary seaman. See DECK APE.

Aweigh – When a ship raises anchor, the anchor is said to be aweigh as soon as it leaves the bottom. From the process of weighing anchor.

Backing –A change of wind direction in the counter-clockwise direction (as one looks into the wind).

Bag - (1) Get, or collect. "Let's go bag some loot."

Barrack Stanchion – A sailor who rarely goes to sea.

Batten Down – Make fast, secure, or shut. Originally, deck hatches did not have hinged, attached covers. Hatch covers were separate pieces which were laid over the hatch opening, then made fast with battens (pieces of timber).

Beach – Ashore, or to be put ashore.

Belay – (1) Stop. (2) Make fast. Derived from the practice of tying a line off (making it fast) using a belaying pin.

Between the Devil and The Deep Blue (Sea) – In the old sailing ships, the ‘devil’ was a large seam which joined the vertical hull (side) timbers with the deck planking. This seam was outboard of the gunwales, and was a dangerous place to work. There are also references to a ‘devil’ seam where the hull comes together back aft at the stern post—another difficult and dangerous place to work.

Bilge - (1) The area below the deck gratings in the lowest spaces of the ship, where things, especially liquids, tend to collect. (2) To fail or do poorly. "Poor Smitty bilged the quiz." (3) To name a shipmate involved in wrongdoing, or to identify a mistake made by someone else.

Binnacle – A pedestal which supports a compass. Typically found next to or in front of the ship’s wheel.

Binnacle List – Sick list; a listing of the names of the men currently in sick bay and unable to perform their duties due to sickness or injury. This list was originally to be found attached to the binnacle.

Bitter End – Properly, the free or loose end of a line. Originally, the bitter end of a mooring line was taken to the bitts to secure it.

Bitts – A mooring fixture made up of two BOLLARDS.

Black Cat Merchant - (RN) Someone who is always exaggerating.

Blivet - (1) Traditionally, "Ten pounds of shit in a five-pound sack."

Blue Water - Literally, 'deep water,' or 'deep draft,' but more traditionally, 'away from land.' A 'blue water navy' is capable of prosecuting battle away from shore-based support in vessels of sufficient size and endurance to do so safely.

Boat - Any small naval vessel incapable of making regular independent voyages on the high seas.

Bollard – A squat cylindrical fixture attached to a pier or deck. Used to secure lines, such as mooring lines.

Bonedome - Helmet. Aka 'hardhat', 'brain bucket'.

Box the Compass – (1) To name all the points of the compass. (2) To face successively in all directions, as when a ship loses steerage and drifts aimlessly.

Brow – The proper term for what is often called the ‘gangway.’

Brown Water - Shallow water or shallow draft, especially a ship or navy whose ships are not suited to deep (or open) water and deep-water combat.

Bug juice - A substance similar in appearance to Kool-Aid which is served as a beverage aboard USN ships. Its color has no bearing on its flavor. Largely composed of ascorbic acid. Used extensively as an all-purpose cleaner/stripper for bulkheads, decks, brass fire nozzles, and pipes.

Bulkheading - Loudly criticizing a fellow officer.

Bumboat – A supply boat, usually of an unofficial nature. Often purveyors of

curios, souvenirs, etc.

By and Large – Origin of the term seems to be that a ship was considered particularly seaworthy if it could sail both ‘by’ (close to the wind) and ‘large’ (broad to or before the wind).

Cake and Arse – Derogatory term for an officers’ cocktail party.

Cake Hole – Mouth. Also seen as "snack hole."

Calve – The process whereby icebergs form, as chunks of ice fall from a glacier into the sea.

Captain's Mast - Non-judicial disciplinary procedure, usually meted out by unit commanders.

Captain of the... - Person in charge of a particular part of the ship, e.g.

Captain of the Focs'le. Derogative, ‘Captain of the Head.’

Captain's Table - A disciplinary hearing. See CAPTAIN'S MAST.

Careen – To lay a ship on its side in shallow water or on the beach, generally to work on the hull.

Cat –Short for cat o’nine tails, a form of whip used to administer a flogging. Generally made up of three short lines, each with three knotted ends, spliced to a short rope or wooden handle.

Chips – Ship’s carpenter.

Chuffed – Extremely pleased.

Chunder – To vomit. Derived from "watch under!"

Cluster Fuck – An evolution remarkable by its significant lack of excellence. Mass confusion and chaos. Similar to a GOAT ROPE, Chinese Fire Drill, etc.

Coaming – The raised lip around a hatch. Designed to prevent, or at least limit, water entry.

Collision Mat - Pancake.

Compartment – A room aboard ship.

Conn – Has several uses, all to do with control of the ship. (1) (General Usage) When an officer announces "I have the conn," he or she is then legally responsible to give proper steering and engine orders for the safe navigation of the ship.

Cox - The Coxswain. The senior rate on a destroyer, frigate, or smaller vessel. Responsible, among other things, for discipline.

Critter fritters - Fried mystery meat.

Cut and Run – To leave quickly, from the practice of cutting a ship’s moorings in a hasty departure.

Cut of his Jib – From the days of sail, when individual sails were made aboard the ship and a certain amount of individuality was expressed in the design (shape and size) of the sails. Ships could be, and were, identified by the "cut of their jib ."

Dead Head – The resistance of a magnetic compass to swinging back and forth excessively; a compass with insufficient deadhead will swing so much that it is difficult to steer a course.

Deck ape - Surface fleet personnel, usually Boatswain's Mates, that care for topside gear and equipment. A type of KNUCKLE-DRAGGER.

Deep Six – (1) Originally, the call of the leadsman signifying that the water is more than 6 fathoms deep, but less than seven. (2) Euphemism for throwing something overboard. Also seen as 'splash', 'float check', 'float test'.

Demurrage – A fine levied for not unloading a ship on time.

(The) Devil to Pay – Originally, the saying was "The devil to pay and no pitch hot." In the old wooden-hulled ships, ‘devil’ seams joined the external hull timbers with the deck planking; there are also references to a devil seam back aft, w here the hull timbers join at the rudder post. Seams were caulked, or sealed, by jamming oakum fiber into the gaps, then smearing the seam with melted pitch or tar. If one of these seams worked open in rough weather, a great deal of water could be shipp ed before it was repaired. This term is probably the origin of the term ‘hell to pay.’

Dick the dog – (1) Screwing around; being unproductive. "When you guys are done dicking the dog, I could use a hand over here."

Dobie - (RCN) Laundry. Also seen as 'Dhobi.'

Dobie Dust - (RCN) Laundry soap.

Dog Watch – (1) A shortened watch period. Generally, two two-hour watches, designated First and Second (or First and Last, RCN), arranged so that personnel on watch can eat the evening meal. Usually 1600 to 1800 and 1800 to 2000. Also serves to altern ate the daily watch routine so sailors with the midwatch one night will not have it the next time. Origin of term unclear.

Drifty – A sailor who is not SQUARED AWAY. Probably comes from ‘adrift.’

Fancy Dinns – Steak and wine night at sea. Usually hosted by the various departments.

Fang Bosun (or Farrier) – Dentist.
Fart Sack – Sleeping bag. (common usage among ground forces of various countries) Can also refer to fitted mattress covers aboard ship.

Field Day - To scrub or otherwise clean a ship's spaces. Usually ordered when the COB or the XO thinks morale is low.

Fisheyes – Tapioca pudding.

Flemish – To coil a line on deck so that it can run freely while maintaining a seamanlike appearance. Generally used for lines of small diameter. The line is laid in a flat, close-coiled spiral on the deck.

Flinders Bar – Bar with spherical correcting magnets. Found on a binnacle.

Float Test - Testing the buoyant qualities of unwanted material while at sea.

Flotsam – Floating wreckage released from a sunken ship. See also JETSAM.

Gangway – (1) Today, more properly called a "brow," the temporary bridge connecting the ship’s quarterdeck to the pier. (2) A call to get out of the way, which originated as a call for junior personnel to give precedence to a senior while cr ossing the gangway.

Gash - Garbage or rubbish. Also used to refer to any unwanted item.

Gator – Vessel of the amphibious force.

Gator Freighter – Amphibious warfare cargo ship.

Gawkers, Walkers, and Talkers - Off-duty personnel. They can usually be found cluttering up passageways or decks where real work is being done.

Geedunk, Gedunk - (1) Dessert/junk food/candy, or a place to buy same. Aka 'pogey bait'. (2) "Extras" or benefits, awards, ribbons, or medals. (3) Easy or "sweet" duty. Can be used as noun or verb.

Give Way – (1) A call to oarsmen to begin pulling. (2) In the Rules of the <st1:Street><st1:address>Nautical Road</st1:address></st1:Street>, a ship which must maneuver to avoid another ship is called the "give way vessel." Similarly, it may be used to refer to getting out of someone’s way.

Goat Locker - Chiefs' Quarters and Mess. The term originated during the era of wooden ships, when Chiefs were given charge of the milk goats on board. Nowadays more a term of respect for the age of its denizens.

Goat Rope – An evolution which is not going at all well; disorganized; chaotic.

GQ - General Quarters. The call for all hands to man battle stations. Often used prepare the crew to react to a potential emergency. For example, a ship will call away general quarters for a major fuel or oil leak in the engineering spaces (to prepar e in case a fire results). RN form is Action Stations.

Grannie – Slow, old, or tentative.

Grog – Pusser’s rum mixed with two parts water. So called from the name of the officer that regularized the issue of watered rum aboard British ships. Admiral Vernon was referred to as "Old Grog" for his habit of wearing overcoats made of a material called grogram.

Gronk - Ugly or unattractive, especially a member of the opposite sex.

Grunion – Yard worker. Literally, a spl:ies of fish.

Hack - Informal confinement to quarters or to squadron spaces.

Hatch - An opening in the deck, and its closure. Sometimes (incorrectly) used to mean a watertight door, which is mounted vertically in a bulkhead.

Hat Locker – Head.

Heave Around – The order to haul in on a line, wire, or anchor chain, whether with power (windlass or capstan) or by hand.

Heave the lead – To take soundings by throwing a lead weight ("the lead", rhymes with ‘dead’) on a line ahead of the vessel, then pulling the line taut and reading the depth from markers on the line as the ship passes over the weight.

Heave to – In a sailing ship, to come into the wind and essentially stop, with minimum sail area exposed. Used to wait out a squall or storm.

Hook – Anchor.

Horse Latitudes – An area of variable and fickle winds on either side of the doldrums. Sailing ships which were becalmed here often had to throw live cargo such as livestock over the side to conserve water. The bloated carcasses sometimes floated for quite some time, and were often seen by other ships.

Jetsam – Objects thrown over the side to lighten ship. See also FLOTSAM.

Let the Cat Out of the Bag – Originally, this term simply meant to remove the cat (cat o’nine tails) from its baize bag, generally preliminary to administering punishment. The term’s meaning today is to reveal a secret.

Lubber’s Line – The vertical mark on a compass bowl to mark the ship’s heading.

To ‘chase the lubber’s line’ is to be unable to hold a steady course.

Make and Mend – Originally, a half-day off from normal ship’s work to make and/or mend clothing.

Make Fast – To tie off (a line) securely.

Make Way – (1) From the Rules of the <st1:Street><st1:address>Nautical Road</st1:address></st1:Street>, when a ship is making way she is proceeding under her own power, whether by power or sail. Often confused with UNDER WAY (q.v.); a ship which is adrift (not under power) is under way, but not making way, even though she may be moving with respect to the seabed due to wind and current effects. (2) A command to get out of the way.

Messcrank - aka CRANK. Food service personnel, especially nonrated personnel provided by the ship's other departments (non-Supply depts.) to perform scutwork such as busing tables, washing dishes, etc.

Midwatch - A watch stood from <st1:time Minute="0" Hour="0">midnight</st1:time> (2400) until <st1:time Minute="0" Hour="4">4 a.m.</st1:time> (0400).

Monkey dicks – Sausages, aka "poodle peckers.".

Navigator - Officer responsible, under the captain, for safe navigation of the ship. Aka 'Gator', 'Nagivator', 'Old Clueless'.

No room to swing a cat – Insufficient room to carry out a flogging, which punishment was performed with a CAT.

Passageway – A hallway aboard ship.

Pelican Hook – A quick-release shackle which can be knocked free with a hammer. Often used to release the anchor when dropping the hook.

Pig of the Port - The least attractive member of the opposite sex brought aboard during a port visit. Awards and honors are often granted.

Pig Palace - A bar populated with ugly women, watered booze, etc.

Pilot - The navigating officer.

Piping Hot – Originally, meals were announced aboard ship by piping (blowing a call on the boatswain’s pipe). If a meal is piping hot, it has just been served and is therefore hot.

Police - Pick up or clean up. 'Policing the brass' would be to shine or clean brass fittings and/or fixtures or, on a firing range, to pick up

expended brass.

Rack Time – Sleep.

Rain Locker - Shower.

Ralph – Also seen as "looking for Ensign Ralph." Praying to the porcelain god. Vomiting. May result from seasickness or from having maximized a recreational opportunity ashore.

Rat Guards – Circular metal plates attached to a ship’s mooring lines to prevent rats getting aboard (or getting off).

Rating - Enlisted specialty.

Rattle (in the) - In official trouble, on report.

Rug Dance - Quality time spent with a senior officer or NCO, usually in a very one-sided conversation. Typical topics of discussion include one's parentage and probable eventual fate. Aka 'chewing out.'

Sally Ship – Causing a ship to list by having parties of men run from one side of the ship to the other. When a ship runs aground, a suction often forms between the hull and the sea bottom mud, and sallying ship can break that suction, making it possi ble to back off of the reef. Somewhat akin to a TRIM PARTY, but for very different reasons.

Scrounge – (1) A sailor who is not current on his hygiene. (2) The procurement of a needed item through irregular (i.e. illegal) means.

Scuttle - (1) A water-tight opening set in a hatch or bulkhead. (2) To intentionally sink a ship or object. (3) To punch a hole in something.

Scuttlebutt - (1) A BUTT which had been SCUTTLED, used to hold drinking water for crew access in sailing ships. (2) Gossip or rumors. Originated from the habit of crewmembers of talking while at the scuttlebutt.

Sea Daddy - Someone who takes a less-experienced crewmember under his or her wing and expert tutelage. Often, and traditionally, when a CPO takes care of and educates a boot ensign.

Sea Lawyer – Someone who professes to have significant knowledge of the fine points of the rules and regs. This knowledge is often used for personal gain, or to claim why something cannot be done.

Sea Story – A tale of nautical or airborne derring-do. Differs from a fairy tale only in that while a fairy tale begins "Once upon a time," a sea story begins "This is no shit,".

Set and Drift – Refers to the behavior of a ship under the influence of wind and current; both deflect the ship from its intended course. ‘Set’ is the direction of that deflection, and ‘drift’ is the speed in knots of the displacement. A vector.

Show a Leg – The traditional call made at reveille, it originated in the days of sail when women were let aboard ship. At reveille, a woman in her hammock would display a leg and thereby was not required to turn out.
Splice the Main Brace - Have a drink. Originated in the days of the sailing navies.

Square Away – Originating in the days of sail, the term refers to putting a ship before the wind (getting way on the ship). Today, the term refers to getting organized or ready for something, be it an inspection, a drill, etc.

Three Sheets to the Wind – Drunk. Literally, when the lines to the sails (sheets) have come adrift and fly in the wind.

Under Way – Sometimes seen as "under weigh." The term refers to a ship which is not physically connected to solid ground, i.e. neither moored, anchored, nor aground. Often confused with "<st1:Street><st1:address>MAKING WAY</st1:address></st1:Street> (q.v.)," though legally very different.

Veer – (1) To pay out line or chain, as in increasing the scope of the anchor. (2) A change of wind direction in the clockwise direction (as one looks into the wind).

Watch – The standing of duty shifts. The practice varies, but in the US Navy, the watch rotation is as follows:

0000-0400 – Midwatch
0400-0800 – Morning Watch
0800-1200 – Forenoon Watch
1200-1600 – Afternoon Watch
1600-1800 – First Dogwatch
1800-2000 – Second Dogwatch
2000-2400 – Evening Watch (aka First Watch)

The purpose of the dogwatches is to permit the watchstanders to eat the evening meal. These watches are said to "be dogged."
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