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The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on Today at 12:22:48 AM »
"I would hope so" she said, "but, should I receive any new complaints, then he will need to be replaced" she shrugged, "at any rate, I just wanted to keep you abreast of the situation and my response to it. How was your day? Was there anything you would think I should be aware of?"
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on Yesterday at 05:01:55 PM »
"I'm sure that Alyssa will squash him as much as is requires," Amrick replied with a chuckle.
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on Yesterday at 10:23:58 AM »
"I wanted you to be aware of what transpired. My concern is not that one man has prejudice, it is that prejudicial attitudes have a tendency to grow and fester. I just gave a freed slave sixty acres, possibly a hundred, soon it will be known and that could cause resentment among all recent immigrants, but especially by those who harbor ill will to those recently freed" she sighed, "it could be a catalyst." She shrugged, "that and I wasn't sure who his boss was and I knew you would know" she smiled at him, "which does not negate my previous concerns."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on Yesterday at 02:47:44 AM »
"He doesn't have to be pleased," Amrick growled. "It's not his bloody land."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on Yesterday at 01:56:29 AM »
"I will bring my concerns up with Amyrillis. I already gave him a piece of my mind, and I believe that he is trying to do the right thing for thousands of people. The issue is that he isn't seeing them as separate people. They are all the same to him, like a different race and he doesn't think highly of the race as a whole. That is my biggest issue with him.  At one point I thought Indra was going to throttle him, which was when I just demanded he give the land. He did it, but his tone told me he wasn't pleased to be doing so."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on Yesterday at 12:47:50 AM »
"You can either discharge him, or thrash him," Amrick shrugged.

Miraca sought out the manager handling construction in her region. He controlled the five man crews that were building on this square mile section of Tamber Duchy. His crews lived out of wagons and built the houses as plots were assigned. “I have been granted five more lots to my holding,” Miraca explained to the foreman. “I will be hiring on workers, and I need to house them, which means I need to build.”

He looked over her deed and nodded. “They’re slow to assign people to this square,” he replied. “They are mostly building along the west edge of the duchy, so I have men working small jobs here and there. I’ll put a few crews to get to work on your needs, I can do it today, in fact. Since your main house has been built, I have to charge you for their labor though, it’ll cost you a silver a day for a crew of five builders.”

She regarded him suspiciously. “It is legitimate,” he smiled, knowing that people had been trying to swindle newcomers, she understood her scepticism.

“How long for a crew to build a cottage?” She asked.

“A crew can have a cottage up in a week,” he replied. “But if you’re building them for folks to work your farm, they could raise a long house in ten days with eight sleeping rooms a great room, a kitchen and the bath in ten days. I have the plans for that already.”

“Do I have to feed them?” she asked.

“No, they’ll see to that themselves, but if you can cook better than they can, you’ll have a happy bunch.”

“So, they work six days in a week?”

“They do, so two weeks would be 12 crowns per crew,” he replied. “That is a gold and two silver.”

“Can they only work the longhouse?”

“No,” he replied. “So long as they’re paid, they can do whatever work that you can talk them into.”

“So, could I strike a deal for four crews for two weeks?” She asked, after counting on her fingers. “That would be four sovereigns and eight crows?”

“You have that much to be done?” He seemed surprised.

“And more, but I’ll not press my luck, or overextend myself,” she confirmed. “I can pay up front, tomorrow. I must do my banking.”

He looked at her plot numbers. “I’ll swing by and see you the day after tomorrow,” he nodded. “I’ll have the crew to you in the morning,” he extended his hand and they shook to seal the bargain.

Miraca went by an outfitters and spent five more sovereigns on a cart, they would need it anyway around the farm and she needed to round up a few things. Quite a few things actually, they had a lot of mouths to feed, and she thought that food bribes wouldn’t go amiss with the workers. With everything bought and loaded she watched one of the lads from the shop as he harnessed her horse to the cart. “This horse hasn’t seen good care till recently,” he appraised the animal carefully.

“She belonged to scavengers,” she replied. “They tried to play rough, and didn’t fare well. I’m feeding her up,” she pointed to the sacks of grain and oats. “Have three more that I can sell, they just need fattening,” she said after a moment’s thought. “Be good cart horses, sell you all three for twelve crowns, I’ll even throw in the saddles with them.”

He looked at the horse shrewdly, it was thin, and not a thoroughbred, but that was about a third of the price that he could get for them, plus the saddles, and the recent care was obvious. “Let me speak with the manager,” he replied. He returned a few minutes later. “Can I ride in the cart with you? If I like the looks of them, I’ll buy and ride them home.”

“Climb up,” she said and took her seat, she worked the brake and shook the reins, “Go on Bess,” she said and clucked.

He watched her for a few moments. “Not used to driving a cart?”

“Until today I’ve ridden a few horses, but I’ve only driven a plow,” she replied. “I’ll pick it up.”

“Reckon that you will,” he nodded. “You come up from Gamedian?”

“Me and three little ones,” she replied. “Freed in what they call the Taraborne Raid.”

“Good fortune to you then,” he replied. “Can’t abide those that would take folk like that. Hear that Taraborne’s folk put a good beating on them.”

“We were in the first lot freed, and the army folk put a good beating on the ones that owned us,” she said the word owned with venom. “There were thousands of soldiers at the fort and those dwarves kicked the whole place down around their ears and beat them like cheap rugs. Don’t reckon they left many alive.”

“Good,” the shop clerk said gruffly. “Name’s Laren.”

“Miraca,” she replied. They were passing the orphanage now. “We’re at the next mile lane,” she pointed off in the distance.

“Pretty country,” Laren observed, then turned as he heard horses coming up.

“Good afternoon to you,” one of the soldiers greeted them. “Oh, Mistress Miraca, did you get a new cart?”

“I did,” she greeted them. “Reckoned I’d put it off long enough. Taking Laren here out to see the rest of those horses, figured I’d get a few coins for them and save myself the cost of feed.”

“How much is he offering,” the lance corporal asked carefully.

“I told him he could have the lot for twelve sovereigns.”

He would have objected to the price, but he heard her say that this was her asking price. “Getting a bit of coin together?”
“Picked up five more plots today,” she smiled. “That Lady Traveler told them they were daft for not seeing how I was proving up what I had, have me that and maybe four more next spring if I prove these right as well. Got builders coming in tomorrow to put up a longhouse, going to hire on workers, and do some other building. Twenty of them, for two weeks.”

The lance corporal knew that she didn’t speak just to hear herself, and nodded. “Well, we’ll have to come by a bit more often and see their progress.

Miraca heard that and knew that they meant they’d keep an eye on them. “I’d be obliged,” she smiled. “I’ll be doing some baking tonight,” she replied. “Might be cakes around the place in the morning.”

“Then you can be certain we’ll stop by,” he grinned. They said goodbye and kept riding their route.

“Might have to mention to Saddler Sergeant Baranbrant that she was out riding with a young man,” one of the troopers chuckled.

“And she’ll have all those men around,” another added, which drew laughter from them all.

“Tidy place,” Loren observed as they road into the yard.

“Better be, for all that we work here,” she replied. “Come away Biggie,” she said to the dog that was keeping an eye on the newcomer.

“There’s goods in the cart,” Miraca smiled at Tara as she walked out of the barn. “And a cart,” she added.

“Excellent,” she smiled and introduced herself to Loren.

“He’s here to buy the rest of those horses from us,” Miraca explained as they all walked to the barn.

“Built well,” he observed.

“Thanks,” Tara grinned.

“You built it?”

“We built it,” Tara corrected.

He looked over the horses and paid out before saddling one up. He accepted a mug of cider before leaving with his purchases. “Not hard to look at,” Tara glanced at the departing clerk.

“He works at Tarant’s Outfitters,” Miraca grinned. “Help yourself.”

“How did it go?”

“Five more lots, and four more in the spring if we prove up.”

“That easy?”

“No,” Miraca growled and explained all that happened as they unloaded the cart brushed out Bess and put everything away. More conversation was impossible for now, as the children came home, but they talked as they worked that night, mixing and baking after they’d poured over the new deed to the place. Her holding was now sixty acres, her land was now two plots on the road to Tamber city, and three along the crossroad. Each plot was 660’ x 660 feet, so her property now measured 1,320’ along the Tamber road and 1,980 feet along the crossroad. They sketched out a rough plan of where things would go. They decided to keep the buildings all fairly close together, they also figured out how they’d like to lay out the longhouse. “That many workers will be expensive,” Tara fretted.

“The horses paid for them,” Miraca shrugged. “And we’d be months putting all of this together. Besides, now I can go to the hiring hall in a few days and find people to work the land with us. And a cook, I’d really like to have a cook to look after us all.”

“And scrub all of those pots and pans,” Tara agreed fervently.
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on November 20, 2017, 11:14:19 PM »
"Then I suppose that no one can be too upset tray I just made him give a hundred acres to a promising young driven woman" she shrugged. "I will go speak with Amyrillis about it tomorrow. I really did not line how he referred to the freed people who now make Tamber home."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on November 20, 2017, 10:55:55 PM »
"He works with Amyrillis," Amrick replied. "That land is in Tamber Duchy, so in essence you personally own it, as opposed to the province."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on November 20, 2017, 10:10:09 PM »
"Remind me go visit het farm next month, I want to see what she has accomplished. I also want to go see Amrick about that pompous ass, he has a bad attitude" she added. Tamalyn then turned and headed back to het offices to see Amrick.

"The man in charge of land disbursement is a bit of an elitist who thinks very little of those he oversees. Who oversees him?"
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on November 20, 2017, 09:53:34 PM »
Miraca accepted her revised title to her small holding and looked carefully at the map to insure that she would be working the right property. Tamalyn could almost hear the wheels turning. "I have a lot to do," she looked excited as they left the building. "I guess that my first stop will be to talk to the men that are building houses, I need someplace for people to live. Might be tent living until the longhouses are built, but we need to get to planting crops that'll grow in time for harvest, and all of the other things." She thanked Tamalyn and was off at a trot.

"That horse had better get moving, or she'll carry the poor things," Indra observed.
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