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The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on Today at 10:25:15 AM »
"Oh, that is actually less time than I thought" she shrugged, "very well, you have a month. Though, I do want you to be prepared to return should the need arise. I doubt that it will be necessary, but we should always be prepared for the worst case scenarios" she added, "especially since we have yet to catch Lecter. Keep that in mind as you work, he is still free and trying to collect more poisons. He could very well have a second cache in this area, so keep guards on watch. You are all far more important than this fort" she added seriously.
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on Yesterday at 11:50:37 PM »
"It will take a month or less," he replied. "We're going to fortify, but make it blend into the surroundings."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on Yesterday at 09:24:43 PM »
"The special lockup, for now anyway. We will see if they needed to remain there after we catch this Lecter fellow." She left the rest of the details to Indra, "Centurion Ironhelm" she called, "I will leave the repairs of this place up to you. But, I would like to know your estimated timeline. I have a tendency to underestimate how long things take and I don't want you out here for too long" she added.
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on Yesterday at 09:02:27 PM »
"The civil lockup, or Oldwine's special lockup?" Indra asked. "They are both resistant to magic, but the military prison is much more secure."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on Yesterday at 08:37:26 PM »
Tamalyn received the report before she left, "Creighton, I believe he is in Tamber. If I am understanding this, he is attempting to locate poisons" she said showing him the report. She looked at Indra, "I think that it is tone to take these men to Tamber, to the jail" she specified.
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on Yesterday at 06:59:55 PM »
Miraca had an off-feeling about the man that stepped into the house yard. “I’m told that you grow the best herbs in Tamber,” the man greeted her. She didn’t like him, he spoke too smoothly, he looked as if he took far too may pains with his appearance, and he had a hauteur about him that was generally off-putting.

“I will be,” she replied. “But for now everything is still sproutlings.” Hearing voices Tara came out of the house and Biggie and Lady slipped up beside the house and watched the newcomer.

He named off a short list of herbs that he wanted and looked at the ignorant woman expectantly, the look on his surprise on his face turned to chagrin and anger at her reply. “Even if I grew all of that, I wouldn’t sell it to you,” she replied. “Nothing good can come of that lot, and no decent person would have need of them.”

“Show me what you have then,” he snapped, clearly his hold on his temper was thin.

“I have a road right there,” she replied. “Take it either direction, but take it.”

He stepped forward and grabbed her arm, then withdrew it quickly, cursing and clutching his bloody arm, only then noticing the short-bladed knife that seemed to appear from her apron pocket. Then he felt a searing, tearing pain, and looked down to see Lady chewing on his leg as Biggie’s jaws seized and tore at the cloth at his throat. He started when he heard the sound of Talla frantically ringing the alarm bell, then he saw Tara take up a pollaxe from inside the door and step toward him.

They all looked surprised when he vanished into thin air.

“What just happened?” Miraca asked. Biggie and Lady looked up at her, both equally as baffled as she.

They heard the pounding of hooves as two mounted soldiers tore across the fields toward her steading. Miraca quickly told them what happened and looked at the incredulous expressions on their faces. “That’s the same look we’ve had on our faces since it happened,” Tara laughed at their astonishment.

“Report from Lance Corporal Tanner Thrush

Stranger came to Spicer Holding, accosted holder Miraca Spicer, who cut him with an apron knife and set her dogs on him. The man was a bit over six feet tall, blondish, blue eyes. Good features, aristocratic sneer, expensive clothes, travel stained and evidence of dirt being brushed off recently. Dressed in sturdy trousers of fine leather, with a jerkin of the same material. He tried to purchase herbs from Holder Spicer, she stated that they could be used either for poisons or mentally enfeeble.”

“To: General Arica Carradan, Commander Tamberon Duchy Militia
To: General Argen Stonecutter, Commander, Tamber Provincial Engineer
    Reviewing the report from Spicer Holding I see that the crossroads south of the city should have closer watch. To this end, I charge the Tamberon Militia to place a station across the road from Spicer Holding, currently I see that there is a temporary encampment a few miles south, relocate the encampment and its garrison, to the plot I’ve mentioned. It will serve better here as a horse station anyway.
    To this end, the engineers will move a legion immediately to this site and build a station, complete with changing stables, and a stage stop with inn and tavern. I expect the garrison troops to move today, and the surveyors to inspect the site and begin layout of the station and its accompanying embellishments at once.
    Notify me immediately of any delays.
Oldwine, Marshall of the Frontier and Commanding Officer of the Tamber Militia”

Both reports were forwarded to Tamalyn.

Larissa received a note from Alera a few days later. “I have tested the cream with heat and cold and even rain, and it holds up well. It shows no signs of drying out when sealed. It can dry some when open to air and heated very hot.” She wasn’t surprised that Alera would continue to test the sample, regardless of price a thousand jars was still an investment, and the woman’s curiosity was legendary.

She now had a few hundred bottles of the distillate in her cupboards, and most of her lots of ingredients that made the distillate were now gone. Brenne, her gardener, made a study of the solids that comprised the waste of these ingredients, various herbs and other things and said that while they wouldn’t do much for plants as they were, but she’d burned them down to ash, and that made a fine meal for plants, they seemed to thrive on a few pinches of then dust. And so her gardeners spent their working hours away from tending plants into burning the spent ingredients and gathering and packing the ashes into large boxes and stacking them in the shed.

Taking a risk, she’d ordered two thousand quarter-pint pots with lids that would lock down by stiff wire latches to hold them closed. She was impressed by the design, and they were made locally. As she waited for her jars to be delivered, she tested the coated sinew. She sewed cuts shut on two rates, one with plain thread, the other with coated. First, she noticed that the thread passed through the skin much smoother than plain, then she noticed that the flesh around the stitches was slower to yield to decomposition. She smiled and decided that her first batch would be used for thread, the cream left after that was done, she would sell as a cream for sores on livestock, it efficacy wouldn’t decrease by the thread soaking in it, but it would be distasteful to buyers to know that dregs from this process would be sold as the “pure” cream. She started the work of making the first batch soon after, with the help of her maids that carefully churned the mixture, and then everyone in the house joined her, placing a small scoop of the cream into a slip of paper and folded it as she showed them, a dab of glue to close the folded ands and it was passed along to be dipped in wax and laid out to cool and dry.

Thousands of these small sachets were prepared and stored in wooden bins all through the basement.  Then chests of her special pots joined those, and then larger jars, and finally small folded paper pouches of surgeon’s sinew. It was no small feat to finally clean up the workroom, but they accomplished it together, and all were surprised when the lady of the house pressed three sovereigns into their hands for their labors. “This was above your duties,” she shrugged. “And so you should be properly compensated.

The next morning Larissa made her delivery to Alera, who was impressed by the pots, and the price. “This batch will cost you seven shillings per pot,” Larissa informed her. Akera looked at her oddly and asked why she didn’t round her price up higher, a crown per pot seemed reasonable, and would gain her three more shillings per pot. “If I did that, it would eat into your profit,” Larissa shrugged. “and I need to build it’s reputation, before it’s price. She showed her the label. ‘Daramand’s Wound Balm, a product of Tamber City.’ Then she showed her the sachets of individual doses. “It takes twenty of these to make a pot,” she replied. “And my costs for each are lower. I can sell you ten of them for three shillings.”

“Well then,” Alera grinned. I shall take a thousand of them as well, if you have them. Larissa did, and she pocketed another three sovereigns. “Your prices will rise, I’m sure, this is quite good.”

“I’ll still hope that I can profit more by volume that individual price,” Larissa shrugged. “I believe this will help people, and I don’t mean for it to only help the rich.”
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on Yesterday at 05:43:38 PM »
"Well it certainly made my day" she said with a sarcastic tone. "Why not share the good news with the King. We should always share good news" she said with a shrug. She looked around the area, "I don't think there is much more I need to do here. Why don't we go find where the Iron Wolf scouts buried their dead and return them and Galanna home, then we can go to Hesterbur."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on Yesterday at 03:37:08 PM »
"That'll complete his day," Indra noted. "Best to have him angry and demanding than curious though."
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Milady Kim on Yesterday at 07:01:53 AM »
"Those were the papers I was most concerned with. I will have to ley the King know what we discovered" she added.
The Realm Gameworld & Games / Re: The Tamber Saga
« Last post by Lord Palatine on Yesterday at 01:52:55 AM »
"I'll leave this to you to backtrack," Creighton said to Amrick. "I have a bastard to catch."

""Most of this is fairly easy to lay hands on," Amrick the Elder replied. "The Army rolls are harder, but this came from Hesterbur," he held up one of the printed pages. There was a Royal Battle Staff watermark. "This, from the Royal Post," he held up the address list, it doesn't have a station number, so it came from the main office. The last, I need to look to the office of the Royal Cartographer."
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