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The Fantasy Artists, RolePlayers & Writer’s Guild was established on Feb 8th, 2004, to provide a venue for members to explore all avenues of Fantasy and has broadened its scope to include other genres within its halls.

FARPWG or The Guild was first introduced in MSN Groups and made the leap to its own domain in 2008, fortunately before MSN made its much lamented decision to eliminate groups entirely.

Many things are the same, much is different from then to now, faces have come and gone, but we still the doors of the Guild stand open to all to share their thoughts and voices.

The Guild is a friendly place and welcomes all forms of art, writing and roleplay within its walls. Come, join with us and add your creativity to this, your Guild.


Spammers are running amuck and looking for forums to do their amucking in, so if you register and don't hear back from us you may have been picked off by the spam filter.

If you think this may have happened to you email us and we'll help you fix this.

Email Your Guild Staff

Art by KittenB

Art by KittenB


Welcome to the Guild Hall

Through a forest that was ancient ere Beowulf went to sea, before Homer and older even than Atlantis lies the path to the Guild. Home of artists and gamers, storytellers, it is a haven for imagination and a refuge for creativity.

Welcome gentles all and greetings; good health and fair time of day, may you find your ease within the Halls of the Guild! Enter and cast loose your worldly burdens. Set your mind at ease and set free your creativity. Enjoy the wit, wisdom and comradeship within these precincts.

Enter with an open mind and heart and take the full measure of all within, enjoy the work of others and contribute your own in return.

Open to All Genres

The Guild is open to all forms of Art, Stories, Lyrics, Poetry, and RolePlay, While this may not sound like fantasy we operate under the basic definition that all imagination is fantasy. The Guild is open to all genres and gameworlds. We welcome any timeframe or setting, this includes medieval times, the wild west, modern times and even the future.

Run Your Own World!

The Guild is always on the lookout for Game Masters, all that you need to do is contact your guild staff and we can build you a board of your own with full moderator authority, you control your own game!

Share Your Voice and Screen Talents!

We have a fully-featured multimedia gallery in our forums that allow members to not only share pictures and art, but audio and video projects as well, the Guild also has a iTunes feed to help us share the talent of our members with the entire internet.

Shae Dravenmore, one of your Guild Staff, conducted the interview above with renowned author L.E. Modesitt, Jr. and has shared it here, and you can too! Are you into Shakespeare? Then record a sonnet or soliloquy, do you write your own poetry, record a reading and we'll share it with the world! Make your own animations? Share! We want to see your work!

The Guild/Red Zone Staff

Your Guild Staff

Foxy Kazoo (Red Zone), Shae (FARPWG), Tim/Lord Palatine (Red Zone/FARPWG) Milady Kim (FARPWG)

Pirates vs Ninjas Staff Meeting

The Pirates vs Ninjas Staff Meeting

Gwenivive, Shae Dravenmore, KiraD (Staff Artist)

The Crest of FARPWG - The Guild